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Titta Pedrocco’s Interview

Elisabetta Pedrocco,5 A PNI, reduce da un anno di Intercultura in New Jersey, ha chiesto a Ryan, suo “fratello” in America, di spiegarle il suo voto per Romney.

Titta Pedrocco’s Interview to Ryan Wallace, her host brother from New Jersey about the presidential elections.

T: Hi, Ryan! Did you vote for Obama?

R: As an American I did not support the President for a second term.

T: What do you think about his foreign policy?

R: This is an area in which I believe the President has done a good job.


R: He oversaw the the end of the Iraq war smoothly.

T: Libya?

R: Luckily he did not risk Americans in Libya, while removing Gaddafi from power and making up for French and Italian military incompetence…


R: He partly made up for tough sanctions on Iran that have severely hurt their economy, furthering the war in Afghanistan. Mitt Romney, however, agreed with many of these policies and foreign relations.

T: So why didn’t you support him?

R: The key is economy: Mitt Romney, has been proven as a business leader and as Governor of Massachusetts; he fixed the State’s finances… We have a 16 trillion dollar debt that has only increased dramatically under Obama. Unemployment remains at 8% or about 23 million people who are jobless. We have a growth rate that is about 2% a year and we could do much better. Obama will raise taxes on many families that are “rich”, families such as mine and you know that we are not exactly rolling in cash. Romney will cut taxes and lower the business tax rate which is one of the highest in the industrialized world at 35%…

T: Welfare?

R: Obama has offered no solutions to fix social security or medicare which will go bankrupt and what good is a social safety net when there is no money to provide for that net???

T: Romney’s plan?

R: Romney’s plan called for private vouchers that would offset some of the costs while still leaving it up to the recipients if they wanted them or not.

T: The private sector?

R: Obama never worked a day in his life in the private sector and does not know what it takes to run a business : his taxes would harm small businesses who file as individuals leaving them in a desperate financial state.

T: Immigration?

R: Obama has deported more immigrants than in all 8 years under Bush combined and didn’t provide immigration reform.
Enough said!!!

T:Thanks a lot, Ryan!
R: You’re very welcome, Titta!