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Hallowe’en at the Bruno

Student 1

When I went to school on the 31st October I found out the Giordano Bruno high school was occupied. Outside the school there were a lot of students who didn’t know what to do. Inside the school there were about 40 students who had occupied the building locking the gates and main doors with chains. A big banner in the front window announced ” Bruno occupato”. I was surprised because the teachers and the headmistress were outdoors and there were students who  entered the building through the windows. There were also teachers who tried to discuss the matter with students who were inside the school, to understand the situation. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to wait there for a few minutes to see how the situation developed. That occupation was to protest against the “Gelmini bill” that was passed on Wednesday. But there were also students who didn’t want to occupy because they thought it  useless and wrong. At 9.10 I went  home because the occupation wasn’t over and it was raining (I didn’t have an umbrella and it was cold). In the afternoon my friends told me that the occupation finished at about 11 o’clock because there were too many students (nearly 200) in the school. So teachers and students met in the conference room to discuss  the reform.

Student 2

On Friday morning, I went to school at 8 o’clock, but I couldn’t attend the lessons as usual, because a few students had occupied the school. I decided to go back home and I waited for the  2 o’clock news to understand what had happened. They said that students occupied the school in the early hours of the morning and later they opened the doors to speak to the teachers and to explain their reasons.