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The Italian politician Giulio Andreotti

di Enrica Campagnaro 2A

Giulio AndreottiGiulio Andreotti, who was the most important figure in Italian post-war politics, died on May 6 at the age of 94.
In the media I found out that when Mr Andreotti first entered Parliament with the Christian Democrats, Stalin was at the Kremlin; when he became Minister of the Interior, Churchill was the leader of the opposition in Britain; when he was Minister of Defence, Kennedy was the President of the USA; when he was Minister of Industry, Mao was in the middle of his Cultural Revolution.
There were also some scandals which involved him. Andreotti was suspected of, at the very least, knowing much more than he ever revealed. He was repeatedly accused of having close links with the Mafia.
Mr Andreotti was tried and found guilty, but the conviction was overturned on appeal.
A British journalist said that there is one thing of which Giulio Andreotti was never accused and it is that he never acted for personal gain. He lived and died discreetly. There was no state funeral, just a simple, family service.