Accade da noi Intercultura

Comparing the way of life of a South African teen with the Italian way

After spending 10 days with their Italian partners from the Bruno-Franchetti, Lila, Kim and Jacqui compare the way of life of a South African teen with the Italian way.


B-F: slower or faster pace back home?

Lila: I think there’s more stress in Italy with work because all tests are so close to each other. In SA tests and assignments get spread out throughout the school term so it’s easier to manage.

B-F: teen life?

Lila: there aren’t really any meeting points for the teens. Everyone does different things depending on their age. My age we just go to house parties and it’s not as safe here as it is in Mestre, so it’s stricter here in Cape Town.

B-F: teen fashion?

Lila: our fashion is different because we are adapted to hotter weather and South Africans generally just show more skin.

B-F: music?

Lila: many of us listen to indie/alternative music.

B-F: sport?

Lila: everyone here loves rugby. It’s a bit of an obsession or a culture I guess. And yeah that’s it!


B-F: slower or faster pace?

Kim: our pace is a little faster than at your school. We use public transport or cars way more than the Italians. Hardly anybody rides to school on a bicycle.

B-F:  lifestyle?

Kim: Our lifestyle at home is pretty much the same. The fashion and popular trends are all the same.

B-F: school?

Kim: our school atmosphere is more social and everybody knows each other. Our schools offer more sports such as hockey, rugby, cricket and water polo. My school specifically focuses a lot on sport whereas Bruno-Franchetti focuses more on academics.

B-F: free time?

Kim: Entertainment is all the same. Music is also the same. In South Africa the teenagers tend to actually go into the clubs and pubs than actually buying drinks and standing outside. Teenagers also tend to throw a lot more house parties. Other than that it is all the same.


B-F: your way of life back home?

Jacqui: in South Africa our parents always take us to school, take us to the places we need to go to, but there are some people who live far away (mostly in the unfortunate places) who catch the bus, train or taxis.

 At home most of us live around the same area, we can walk down to the shops, friends houses and so on… there are lots of up hills so we won’t really cycle anywhere, we don’t have street bikes, we either have mountain bikes or road bikes.

Also in Cape Town we have domestic workers who help us clean our houses, gardens etc.

B-F:  Camps Bay High School?

Jacqui: at school we have 12 subjects in grade 8 and 9. In grade 10,11,12 we get to choose our subjects. We have 7. At school there are many sports that they offer like tennis, cycling, surfing, basketball, netball, cricket etc. There are different sports for winter and summer.

Also, many people have different trends to each other – at our school we all sit in different “groups” so we are all different.

B-F:  entertainment?

Jacqui: for entertainment we can go to the cinema, go see a school play or shows that are on in the centers. There are different meeting points for all people. We do not have a specific meeting point. We will just make an arrangement and meet at that place. Everything is so far away like the mall, cinema; so we can’t walk there. To relax we can listen to music, go to the mall, beach.

B-F:  is your town safe?

Jacqui: we wouldn’t catch any taxis here as they are quite dangerous and I wouldn’t catch a bus or train, I would catch this mini bus called “my city” which is a really great transport system. On the weekends we don’t really go out for a long time, we do go out but not until midnight.

Our Southafrican partners in Val di Zoldo (italian Alps)
Our Southafrican partners in Val di Zoldo (BL – italian Alps)