Accade da noi Il nostro angolo

Volunteering for Bruno Solidale

by Enrica Campagnaro 3A

This year I had the opportunity to do some voluntary work. I was very happy when I learned that I could make a few visits to the local hospital with a team of volunteers who are available to keep company and talk with people who are sick. So I entered the project called “Bruno Solidale” through which students are allowed to go to the hospital sand pay regular visits to patients. Students attending the third year like me went to ” Ospedale all’Angelo ” in the Cardiology Department and to “Policlinico San Marco ” in the rehabilitation department of cardiac surgery in Mestre. Instead, the students attending the fourth and fifth years  could visit the hospitalized people in the department of cardiac surgery  of ” Ospedale all’Angelo “.

We took turns visiting with volunteers. I went to the Policlinico three times and to “Ospedale all’Angelo “twice. It was an extraordinary experience! I learned that people in the hospital don’t want to be forgotten or left behind. Sometimes they think that nobody is talking about them and feel very lonely and sad because they need being consoled. I was very excited when I was able to get a smile with a few simple words. People who are in hospital are patients but above all human beings and as such they are suffering, they are frightened and upset, or just they don’t want anything and they think that they have no time left. So I strongly believe in volunteer work because people can help them to give vent to their feelings and share their pain or their doubts.  But even more important it is to be able to distract or otherwise to entertain even for a few minutes these lonely people. Just a few words, a sincere smile, a caring look can go a long way! I met a lot of people with different life stories and also with different problems. They told me something about their lives, but they especially shared their memories with me.

I will participate in this extraordinary activity also next year, because there is no better way to help the others and I feel that being thanked by the patients themselves just for the little time that I have dedicated to them is just wonderful.