By Leonardo Bonivento (4A sci)

overseasleoI go to school every morning at 8 o’clock and we stay at school until 3.25 pm I’m really lucky because I live 5 blocks from my school so I walk there. There are a lot of people that come to school in their own cars, here you can get a license when you are only sixteen years old.

In the morning it’s easy to see squirrels that cross the streets and sometimes, if you are lucky you could see even a fawn. My city, Glendive, is not big but I think it’s better because it’s easier to make friends, here all people are very polite and friendly. The school ’s really good. On the first day the Deputy Principal showed me around the school. Here all the students in the school have personal lockers where they can put their books away when they are not needed. The first days it was very difficult to remember the combination to my locker!

At the start, with the help Deputy, I chose the subjects that I would like to do, I had to determine a number of obligatory subjects, which depends on which grade you are in. The First Years (Freshmen) have 5 obligatory subjects, the Second Years (Sophomores) have 4, the Third Years (Juniors) have 3 and the Fourth Years (Seniors) have 2, I’m Senior and my obligatory subjects are English and American History. I had to choose five more subjects so I selected: American Government to understand more about a different political system, Chemistry and Trigonometry to study the subjects that I’ll be needing in Italy, Computer Application to understand more about computers and their functioning and weightlifting practice for my physical education.

IMG_3869It’s a different organization: you have to change classroom and classmates every hour. I love this because you can get to know more people in this way. At first it was very difficult because I didn’t know anyone and also it was hard to speak English all day long, I went home and I was really tired. Now it’s better, I understand more and I have made friends.

Sports programs are important in my American school, there are different sports for every different season, now it is cross- country walking and American football, I’m waiting forward to the basketball that is beginning on the 20th November.

I can already compare the two school systems, I think that the Italian system is more difficult than the American system from the academic point of view, but here I go to school with a smile on my face and I feel happy to be here, and I think this the most important thing. This is possible because the teachers are more available than a lot of Italian teachers, I can give you an example, last week I couldn’t understand a chemistry exercise, so when classes were over I asked my teacher to explain it to me again. He was happy to help me and spend some time with me. At the end he told me: “Thank you for your questions”. He was there with me because he really loves his job. Unfortunately I don’t think that it’s the same for all Italian teachers.

I’m just happy to live this experience because I feel I am growing up a lot.