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Lucia Annibali e Giusi Fasano presentano il libro «Io ci sono. La mia storia di non amore».
Lucia Annibali e Giusi Fasano presentano il libro «Io ci sono. La mia storia di non amore».

Beatrice Zamengo, 3A

“After the tragedy Lucia became stronger, more mature and despite her ruined face she felt even more beautiful. During the interview she answered our questions with irony: this means that she has found peace within herself. She has undergone 12 reconstructive plastic surgeries of her face while her ex-boyfriend is in prison serving a sentence of twenty years.

The Italian teacher asked me to read a passage from the book written by Lucia and I accepted. I was very upset but I read well. I was happy to be part of this project!”

Federica Latora, 3A

Lucia Annibali describes her love story with her boyfriend, from the courtship to the trial, describing moments of emotion and of suffering. Lucia believes that this terrible event represents the beginning of a new life, because she has learned to trust herself. Since every year 130 Italian women are victim of femicide, she advises all women who are victims of stalking to report the name of the stalker to the police.

During the meeting some students read short passages of the book and then other students asked a lot of questions to Lucia. One student asked her if she would revenge herself. She answered that revenge is a mean act. The real revenge is to continue to live quietly. She doesn’t hate her ex, she only feels sick. She is very scared every time she is alone at home and she hears a noise. She worries at the thought that in 20 years, Luca Varani will be free again. I was very impressed by the force and calm feelings of Lucia. After all she went through, Lucia just wants to go on and begin a new life.

Lorenzo Sancassani, 3A

On 14th of October we met Lucia Annibali at the Toniolo theatre. The interviewer was Giusi Fasano, a journalist who helped Lucia to write her book, I’m here: A story of un-love. Lucia Annibali is a lawyer that has been disfigured by 2 hitmen, hired by her ex boyfriend: one day she returned home after her swimming lesson, she was a bit frightened because she had seen 2 weird guys near the swimming pool. Lucia parked the car near her house and took the elevator. While she was opening the door of her flat she noticed that something was wrong: the table and one chair were out of place. Suddenly someone pulled the door and Lucia saw a man with a hood standing in front of her: the man threw some acid in her face and quickly ran away. Lucia’s neighbours aided her and after many operations the surgeons succeed in rebuilding her face. Now Lucia’s boyfriend has been condemned to 20 years in prison for being the instigator of the crime, while Lucia organizes meetings with schools to tell her story to raise awareness. During the meeting Lucia said that sick love must be recognized before it’s too late and she also urged the victims of violence to denounce their rapists.

Elisabetta Binetti, 3A

That tragic event made Lucia a new person: now she is stronger, self confident and independent.

Giusi Fasano wrote a book about her story titled Io ci sono of which we read the second chapter at school. It tells what happened on the night of the tragedy. While I was listening to the teacher who was reading, I felt really upset. Her life changed in a moment by someone else’s hand. It is terrible! I think that if a man truly loves a woman he must wish her the best!

Love doesn’t mean possession, but respect: above all we must let the person we love free to make his or her own choices.

Lucia Annibali decided to leave her boyfriend also because he was seeing another woman. At first he became a stalker but she ignored him trying to carry on her normal life but soon he started hating her to the point of taking his revenge.

During the meeting lots of students asked their questions and she kindly answered. The most interesting question was: “Do you think it is possible to change men’s mentality?” She answered that it isn’t possible to change the mentality of the adults but it is possible to change that of the boys. She also said: “if you want to distinguish yourself you must be kind”. Her point of view is very interesting because it is so difficult to find gentlemen nowadays.

I hope I’ll meet an intelligent boy who respects me. We are living during the 21st century so we can’t accept this kind of violence any more!

Marco Boschin, 3A

Lucia Annibali was returning to her flat when she found a hooded stranger waiting for her with something strange in his hand, the acid. He threw it in her face. She said “I felt as if my face was frying””.

Later she learnt that he was a killer hired by her ex-boyfriend Luca.

Luca Varani, the lawyer once loved so much, is now in prison.

The charges are: serious bodily harm; stalking; attempted murder.

He hired two Albanians who actually carried out the attack.

After the end of their relationship, Lucia was stalked and scared by Luca till the aggression day.

Today, Lucia writes cards and letters to encourage the girls who are being stalked to report it to the police.

On 18th September 2014 it was the thirty-sixth birthday of the old Lucia and the first for the new one.

Now if she feels stared at she says to herself “That’s me, take it or leave it!”

Benedetta Bibiani, 3A

She said “you must call the emergency number before it’s too late! Now I know what LIFE is… everyone must know it before they have my misadventure”
I think that the talk was interesting, however, I found in Lucia Annibali a lot of will power, but also a conviction that all the others are losers!

So I think that she shouldn’t generalize too much!

After the talk the students could ask her some questions and she kindly answered.

Most of the questions were about her past life, in fact she speaks about 2 lives: the new one and the old one. She didn’t seem so happy to answer the questions about her old life.