Information technologyLorenzo shows enthusiasm but keeps a well-balanced attitude. Giovanni assembled his own computer. Cristiano is recovering from a true computer “addiction”. Jacopo dislikes and distrusts the “computer teen fashion”.

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The Internet? Yes, please!
Lorenzo Tonon, 1F

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.
It is accessible by everybody and it allows the exchange of information, messages and news around the world in real time. The Internet has sped up every type of information process and has become the main way of communication today. The range of the Internet functions is endless: social networks, movies, pictures, videos, news, advertising, shopping, video games, e-mails and many more. Also, the Internet has reduced the costs of communications.
However, here are some disadvantages. One of these is piracy, an illegal action that occurs when you download movies, games and music without paying. This process has certainly penalized many artists and companies.
Also, I am seriously worried about the vulgar and obscene pornographic images or videos (in particular child pornography), which can be found in many websites.
From my personal experience I can say that, the Internet means to stay always connected:

• with my friends, thanks to social networks like Facebook or Instagram and to the messaging apps;
• with information: one “click” is enough to receive news from the world or to know what’s happening in my town;
• with culture: I can find events and book reviews and know where I can see them or buy the tickets;
• with my school: it’s a fast information source;
• with fun and games.

I have used the Internet since I was a child because at primary school we did a little bit of Computer Application: we learnt to draw houses and trees on a video-writing program.
Now I spend a lot of time online: about a couple of hours a day and I use the Internet for everything: school, friends, news, etc. However, I’m aware of the dangers when I surf the net and I know which pages I can visit and be safe.

The Internet is really a window over the world, even though I often prefer to open the door and go outside into the real world.

Oh, I love my computer!
Giovanni Moschini, 1F

In my family, everybody uses a computer and owns one (or more). Mum taught me how to use it, and I easily find my way because I’m very intuitive (they say).
I love using my computer! I can’t remember when I started, I only know that my first computer was very bad, and I used to borrow video games…
When I was at middle school I used computers, which were a bit better (but still quite bad). I started downloading games and playing with other people via Skype.
During the 3rd year of middle school, I was allowed my father’s computer, which was my first good one. Maybe “good” is a bit too much, but it certainly is an adequate computer.
I can proudly say that I made the best computer I’ve ever used. I assembled it from parts I bought on the Internet or from specialized shops. I’ve already spent about 500€, and it needs an upgrade of CPU.
With this computer I can play better games and I’ve started buying them. Unfortunately I can’t help spending too much money on games!

I was a veritable Net Junkie
Cristiano Feltrin 1F

I think I’m addicted to surfing the Internet. Yeah…just one week ago I used to spend about, uh, 7 hours a day in front of my computer. Why did I say “just one week ago”? Because my mum has decided to limit my computer time from now on, so I am allowed to use it only for 3 hours a day now, and only from 7 to 10 P.M., and, for me, being the Net junkie I am, it’s pretty frustrating. I first discovered computers when I was just a tiny, skinny (you’d better believe it), 4 year-old boy, and I haven’t been able to stop using it ever since. My first experience with a PC was through Encarta, a CD-ROM-based encyclopaedia that stored an incredible amount of content within itself. It was simply fantastic to wade through that seemingly endless sea of information, to discover the world at such an early age, to wonder at the complexity and beauty of the Universe through the Internet. Computers helped me a lot in that regard. Then, in 2007, I took my first steps into the Internet, which, back then, seemed like a pretty small place to my naЇve, 7 year-old mind. Wikipedia suddenly came into the scene around that time, and when I first saw it, the first thing I thought was: “Wow, this totally blows Encarta out of the water!” and that was the very moment my long descent into madness began…
Hah! Just kidding, The Internet has not driven me crazy (yet), but still, my “addiction” started the moment I found out about Wikipedia, but, at the same time, something within me changed: I felt …determination, and curiosity. I wanted more of that strange, new world, more of everything, and so I started learning English by myself, with the help of a dictionary, my (relatively weak when you think about it) force of will, and school. By the end of 2010, I had become very knowledgeable in the field of Internet culture: I was informed about everything that was happening on the ‘Net around the clock, and was practically glued to my computer monitor 24/7. I had also become quite good at reading, writing and listening to English, so yeah, in your face, computer critics! That’s what using the computer starting at the age of 4 helped me achieve throughout the years. Of course the Internet can be a dangerous place if surfed recklessly, but you can’t just dismiss all the good things it has brought to our society. Kids are starting to learn English much earlier than before, thanks to the Internet, and everyone is now interconnected to each other, able to learn what is happening in Australia while enjoying a cup of coffee in New York, and to communicate with people all around the planet. The Internet is a swirling, ever-changing and all-consuming vortex, albeit a benevolent one at that. It’s a place where hundreds of different cultures are fused together in one big web of global diversity, where there are no countries and no boundaries, where people can freely voice their opinions, in short, it’s another world, overlaid on the real world, but still a different land than the one we live in.
Wow, did I just have a monologue there? That sort of thing never happens to me, since I’m usually the kind of guy who likes to keep things short and simple (hooray for laziness!), but when it comes to these things, I like to shout what I personally think out loud. Hope I didn’t come off as a rambling maniac, which would be…unfortunate.

The Internet? No, thanks!
Jacopo Fu

I’m a 14-year-old teen who isn’t interested in the new teen fashion: the Internet. Teenagers say that the Internet is extremely funny. They enjoy spending more than three hours a day on the net, but they don’t know why it is so funny at all, maybe they just go with the flow and don’t want to look old “fashioned”.
I totally disagree with them: they can’t make the right decision about the Internet, which is an obsession for a lot of people. You can get headaches because of it really stressful!
On the other hand I also believe that it would be very important and useful if you used it in the proper way. You can use it if you have to do some research or if you need answers to difficult questions or when you want to communicate with relatives or friends.
I do use the Internet but I usually spend less than an hour on line so my friend Giulio keeps telling me I am weird, but I disagree, to me he is weird! The Internet is an extremely dangerous place where not only hackers would like to know more about you. It isn’t safe and you shouldn’t feel safe in front of your computer in your bedroom! The most important thing is never to pretend to be someone you’re not.

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