Accade da noi Il nostro angolo


by Camilla Simoni 4A

On 31st March and on 1st April the “Giordano Bruno-Raimondo Franchetti” high school celebrated an Italian tradition called “Autogestione”.

The School Reps staged about 30 workshops: cineclub, self-defence (a combination of techniques from kickboxing and karate), cheerleading, meditation, henna tattoo tutorial, working-out, a photography workshop, volleyball, soccer and dodgeball matches, etc… there were debates and round tables on topical issues such as immigration, nutrition, “EXPO 2015” (the next scheduled universal exhibition that will be held in Milan on the theme “feeding the planet, energy for life”), and so on.

I love the cinema so I decided to attend the cineclub both days. I enjoyed two thrillers: Now you see me an American caper (crime fiction thriller) about magic and illusionism, directed by Louis Leterrier, and Limitless an American thriller directed by Neil Burger, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, both favourite actors of mine. Limitless is about drugs and offers a large component of suspence. I also saw Interstellar, a 2014 science fiction epic film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Mattew McConaughey and Anne Hathway (my favourite actress). The film features a crew of astronauts in search of a new home for mankind.

After cineclub I watched my classmates playing the football matches; they reached the final but then they lost. It was such a pity! The past two days were fun, but also educational. Besides I learnt more about some of my classmates.

Foto di Lorenzo Di Bella
Foto di Lorenzo Di Bella


Feedback from the biennio of the Bruno – Franchetti.


by Farzana M, 1st year student.

“Autogestione” is an Italian word, which means self-management. Self-management of or by oneself, the taking of responsibility for one’s own behaviour and well being. Self-management is a skill that will help us throughout our lives. It involves setting goals and managing our time. Developing your motivation and concentration skills will help us to overcome the lure of procrastination.

Self-management may refer to personal development or workers’ self-management. In the case of my school, the IIS Bruno – Franchetti, we are talking about students’ self-management, a form of educational and organizational management based on self-directed activities, which take the place of regular classes for a short period agreed on with the Principal of the School.

On 31st March and 1st April 2015 I participated in this project for the first time. I chose music and cineclub. I enjoyed the movies a lot. I saw Limitless and Interstellar, two stories, which teach us that we gain experience till the end of our lives and that we have to fight for ourselves, family and others, as life is a war.

I think that this project is very good for all of us because we can do the things, which we usually don’t do. We can learn many new things. It was an interesting experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.


by Lorenzo T. 1st year student.

I took part in the dodgeball and volleyball competitions. The former didn’t finish in the best possible way, as our class was knocked out in the first round. However, we came second in the volleyball competition. Despite a bit of confusion we had fun.

I hope that this initiative will take place again next year, because it’s interesting and educational, and it helps students to understand how schools are managed.


by Matteo C. 1st year student

For two days my school was “taken over” by the students for self-management. During those two mornings we did a lot of interesting activities and we had fun.

On the previous week we chose 4 activities (2 workshops a day) to do during the event. I chose Self-Defence, the Social Network debate and the Dodgeball tournament, which took all the morning.

On the first day I did Self-Defence and I took part in the Social Network debate.

Two students (from 2I and 3B) that do Karate and Kick Boxing taught us how to defend ourselves in some frequent situations, after that they explained how to throw a punch or kick somebody. Finally they showed us a simple Karate encounter.

At the Social Network debate we talked about how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media affect us: for example we use Facebook to remember when it is a friend’s birthday and we can’t cook anything without watching the video-recipe on YouTube.

On the second day I played in the Dodgeball tournament with my classmates. We were in a 3-team round with 2C and 1A. The first match was against 2C, a very strong team, which won 2 sets hands down. During the break between the first and the second match we got organized and we played much better against 1A: we won the 1st set, then we lost the 2nd set. In the play offs (only the captains were playing) a ball hit the foot of Marco, a classmate of mine. So our tournament ended at half past 9 and we waited until the school bell rang at 1 pm watching football matches in the playground.

I enjoyed these two days a lot because I felt free, but responsible.


by Remon I. 1st year student

A little before Easter the BF students did “self management”: an event organized by the students themselves.

On the first day I decided to join the self-defense workshop where I learned how I can defend myself and how to strike back against the attackers.

During the break between the activities I went to the gym to watch the final match of volleyball between my class and one class from the fifth year. My class was defeated but we won the second place.

The second workshop of the first day for me was first aid where I learned how I can help a person in dangerous situations like a stroke or when someone is unconscious.

On the second day I went to the cine club where I saw a movie about space titled Interstellar. The film was good and after that we had a debate.

For the rest of the day I watched the match of dodgeball and football.

The “self management” days was a good experience and in my opinion it is a good alternative to learning under the teachers’ supervision or by oneself.


by Tamima M. 1st year student.

The people who organized everything were the reps of the school. They held an assembly to inform us about it and to ask us if we had any ideas to suggest. At last there were 31 choices and we had to choose four of them.

On the first day I chose the henna tattoo tutorial and photography, and on the second day cineclub and theatre.

At henna tattoo tutorial I had too much fun!! Two girls from 1G organized it: they were so friendly.

At first they asked us to write the songs we wanted to hear on a paper. And then they gave us some water in a glass, a brush, a piece of paper and some henna paste. I did some drawings on my left arm. I left it to dry for about an hour.

The second part of the day I had to do photography, but because I forgot my camera I didn’t go. Instead I went to see the volleyball matches. My class played very well and they arrived second!

On the second day I had cineclub. We saw the film Interstellar. It’s a science fiction movie. The film features a crew of astronauts who travels through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity.

After the film I joined drama club. There we did a lot of things. There was a girl who told us to move a part of our body chosen by her, while keeping our eyes closed. In the second activity we got on two rows, one opposite the other, staring at the eyes of the person before for 30 seconds. In the third activity we walked around the class following the rhythm of the music. After more exercises, two people told us a story and we had to act what they said. It was funny!

I enjoyed those two days a lot and I hope the next year will be even more exciting.


by Caterina B. 2nd year student

In my first turn that lasted until 10.30am, I went into a classroom of the school to participate in a debate that took cue from the newspapers of that day. I think it was a great experience and I really liked it because I had the opportunity to express my opinion about important things that are happening around us, and most importantly, I had the opportunity to listen to what the other students thought about topical issues and compare their point of view it with my ideas.


by Giovanni C. 2nd year student

The day after, during the cinrclub I saw Interstellar a science-fiction movie, and I spent the last two hours enjoying a chess class for beginners where I discovered I’m a very bad player.

In my opinion the self-management was well organized and it was a good circumstance for the students to interact.

I think that these activities are usually understimated by students and by teachers, on the contrary they are good opportunities to grow up.


by Marta B. 2nd year student

During the second day of self-management Federica, Nicola and I took part in the “Green Cross” workshop with two volunteers.

They taught us the different types of wounds, traumas and strokes and how to look after them and how and when call 118, the emergency number.

We also did all the things that you must do when someone has a cardiac arrest, including practising the cardiac massage on a dummy: you must verify that the environment is safe, that the person is unconscious and then you must call 118. After that you must verify with the maximum extension of the neck that he/she can’t breathe; then you must call 118 again and say that you’re starting the cardiac massage. You must do 30 compressions and 2 mouth-to-mouth breathings; it must be fast and the compressions must be about 4-5 centimetres deep.

It was the most beautiful workshop that I took during those days: it was very, very, very interesting and useful.


by Gianluca C. 2nd year student

On the second day I decided to see a film. The title of the film was Interstellar. It was a science fiction film about an astronaut who had to discover other habitable planets to save the human race. I liked the film very much and later I found out that it won a lot of important prizes. In fact I decided to buy the DVD of the film so I can watch it again with my parents. I liked this students’ self – management experience very much even if I think that it can’t last longer than two days in a school year.


by Chiara B. 2nd year student

On the second day I went first to “Dance”.

It was funny and at the same time interesting to do the dance lesson because it was a completely different style from what I usually do at ballet classes.


by Irene and Greta B. 1st year students

On Tuesday 31st March we went to school at 8 am. When we arrived at school, my class and I waited for the teacher to come, but she was missing; so we waited for another teacher.

The teacher called the roll.

After that we went to our activities in the self-managed classes.

Unfortunately some of us didn’t do our activities because there were some problems. We went to cine club and saw a film, but we weren’t very happy. The title was Now You See Me. The film tells about four magicians that rob a bank with the help of magic. Their boss and master joined the FBI and took part in the investigations to deceive his “colleagues”. At the end the four magicians and their boss escape from the sight of everybody.

At 10:20 am there was the break and we ate something.

At the end of the break, we saw another film: Limitless. This film tells about a man that lost his job and he felt depressed. A friend of his gave him some tablets to help him. Those tablets made people smart. The man got a good job and arrived at the top of his career, but he became dependent on the drugs. One day the tablets finished and the man had some problems with his job, his health and got involved with a bad man. At the end the protagonist of the film found a way to make the tablets on his own and opened his own company.

From this film I have learned that I have to be myself and I haven’t to depend on anyone or anything.

At the end of the film we went back to our classroom, a teacher called the roll and then we went home.

On Wednesday 1st April we didn’t go to school.

The self-management was good enough, but if we had attended the chosen workshops, we would have liked it more.

We wanted to do meditation club, expressiveness club and the course of self-defence. Our friend Adriana told me that the expressiveness workshop was very interesting.


by Agnese A. 1st year student

Since we had to choose four workshops, I chose volleyball, cineclub and drama club. On the first day I had volleyball but I couldn’t play because I wasn’t very well but still I remained to watch the match. I saw the matches all day long. On the second day I had cineclub and theatre. I saw a film about a space mission to discover a new planet where man could live. In the second part of morning I had drama club with a friend but we didn’t attend that activity because a boy told us the drama club was full up. After this we met one of the school representatives, we told him our story and he said -You must go to the cineclub- and so we went to see one more film, this time about a drug-addict.


by Marco B. 1st year student

On the first day some of my classmates and I wanted to do henna tattoos and self-defense, but all the workshop were booked up so we decided to see two movies at the cine club. On the second day we had to do the dodgeball tournament but some of the members of my team were missing, so we couldn’t play and went to cineclub again. Altogether on those two days I watched three movies: Interstellar, Limitless and Now You See Me. Interstellar spoke of a man who went into the space to search for other planets where the humans could live because Earth was dying, he went into a black hole and he found himself on the other side of the wall of the bedroom of his daughter. Limitless spoke of a man who made use of a special, new drug that made him very intelligent. Now You See Me spoke of a group of magicians who stole a lot of money from banks and strongboxes of important and rich people and gave the money to the audience of their magic show.