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What about contemporary music?

Student 1

Last Saturday my class and I went to a contemporary music concert. I expected a totally different concert, because I had never listened to contemporary music. I had a different opinion about it, so I was a little surprised. That kind of music consists in using classical instruments, such as a violin, a cello, a piano and a flute, to produce a strange kind of music, which hits senses without melodies (this is the main difference between classical and contemporary). It was a mix of sounds, made by the musicians using strange ways to play instruments. I think it’s difficult to understand this kind of music for a high school student that is not a musician. I am a guitarist but I didn’t like it anyway, I don’t know much about contemporary music and its artists. I was really impressed by the third piece, a piano solo. It was long and deep, and it was very very difficult, the musician seemed to give her soul to the music. In my opinion it was interesting to discover a new kind of music, but I sometimes found it boring and I wouldn’t do it again.

Student 2

My father teaches chamber music at music conservatory. He also plays the piano with a popular ensemble. The ensemble doesn’t play classical music, it plays contemporary music. His ensemble is composed by a flutist, a pianist, a violinist, a cellist and a clarinettist. They don’t usually play together because a lot of contemporary music sheets are piano solos.
My father always says that playing contemporary music is much more difficult than playing classical music. My father hates contemporary music and he plays it only for a job.
My father works for an important music composer, who is one of the Italian most famous contemporary music composers of Italy.
My father plays the piano not only with hand but also with a couple of drumsticks; making strange and new sounds.
The school project aimed at introducing young people to modern music by exposure.