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MOM experience: another way to grow-up

On Monday 14th of April arrived at Marco Polo airport our Finnish partners. the first thing I thought was that they looked so “white” and strange, but then I started talking to my partner Milka.
Milka is 17 years old, she is very shy, in fact for the first twenty minutes she wasn’t able to tell me anything because she couldn’t speak without feeling embarrassed.
but when she came home, we had some small talk and then she came with me to see the main square.
During following days we were really busy because we had to make a short video about Venice and beauty. We were divided into 4 groups and we (had ) were asked to speak about different kinds of beauty: beauty in nature, in history, in ethnic culture and other.
On the first day our Finnish tutors and partners taught us how to use a camera and the best way to shoot. Focus is very important, because nothing can be done in post production and so light and colour is. It was really interesting for me because it was my first time.
In the evening we had a walk in the main square with other friends and it was very nice because everybody chatted a lot!
On Thursday we had a trip to the islands of the Venice lagoon by boat. It wasn’t good weather: it rained and it was cold. Unfortunately most of the time we were sitting apart and we couldn’t talk much. I thought we were still a little bit embarrassed to speak to each other because we didn’t know each other very well. but in the evening we went out to have a sandwich all together and it was great. Maybe because we weren’t at school, but from that evening I started to get to know Finland and its way of life. We discussed about music and concerts, about politics… we weren’t embarrassed any more. All we wanted was to know each other.
We spent at school the next few days, while the Finnish partners visited Venice and Padua, in the afternoon we worked on the workshop. On Sunday morning we went and shot in Venice. It was great, we really had fun. In the afternoon we decided to go to the beach with a small group. even if the weather was awful, it was really cold and rainy. We had a great time. We had a picnic on the beach, they “discovered” sand, and the played with the ball all day long.
During the last days we concentrated on the workshops, because we had to finish our work. However, even if we were tired, there was a group who spent together the evening: just an ice cream and a walk. Every day we found the time to chat and to improve our language. but most of all we started to like each other. We became a real group, and each time we had something new to tell the others.
I really enjoyed the exchange, I had something to do all the time but in the end I got to know all our Finnish partners, I tried to entertain them and to know them as better as possible.
It’s very easy for me to become fond of someone, in fact I really liked them on those days and I’m missing them a lot. I learnt to meet new people and to discover their world, I learnt to appreciate different life styles, I learnt to go over appearance.
I am missing them a lot, because we made a really great group, we worked well all together and I think that each of us has learnt something.
I can’t wait to meet them in October, but maybe we will meet in the summer, too. Maybe in Berlin, or in mid way from Italy to Finland.

Silvia Bisello 4°A