Il nostro angolo Intercultura


by Giovanna De Martino 5F (scientifico)  

From 22nd to 26th of November, my class together with 5C went to Portugal’s capital: Lisbon.

We spent a lot of time visiting the old and the new districts of the city.

We really had a great time there and we were surprised by the atmosphere which we breathed and experienced everywhere.

If I had to suggest what to explore in Lisbon, I would say:

  • The Alfama Area: the most particular and characteristic place, from whose terraces you can have a breathtaking glance of Lisbon’s skyline.
  • The Baixa Area: the rebuilt part of Lisbon, after the earthquake that had destroyed part of city near the ocean in 1755, now this a vibing area full of hotels and cafés, near to the Tagus river
  • The Bairro Alto and Chado, full of bars and also traditional shops.
  • The Lisbon Cathedral
  • The Monastero dos Jerónimos
  • The Belem Tower
  • The area that was dedicated to EXPO in 1998

Besides the interesting places to see, there are some typical things that you can appreciate in Lisbon:

  • The colourful facades of the buildings as well as the murales around the city.
  • The delicious food
  • The bright colours of the metro stations

Many of the buildings facades are decorated with a kind of white tiles with blue, green and yellow drawings called “Azulejos” every building has a different type of azulejos and it is different from the next one, I think this makes the city more bright and cheerful.

I appreciated the typical food; Portuguese kitchen uses  a lot of fish like codfish (bacalhau) and sardines (sardinha) with a lot of garlic. Trying different kinds of cooking is a delicious way to understand peoples, and we tried dishes that we had never tasted before.

The murales around the city told us a lot of different and weird stories narrated in different styles, this really made the city alive!

Another thing that I liked were the metro stations, in fact every station was extremely different from the others; they’re colourful and full of poems by great authors from all over the world. This makes Lisbon a true cosmopolitan city with an artistic soul that surprised me!

I really hope to go back.

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