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My four-day extraordinary experience at NYU in Abu Dhabi

by Isabella Sordi (English Teacher)

From 7th to 10th December I had the honour of representing Italy and IIS Bruno-Franchetti at the International Meeting for Teachers held in Abu Dhabi by New York University. I met many enthusiastic teachers, counselors and principals from all the continents and shared with them ideas and opinions about school and the future of our students. We could visit the large University campus with its special facilities and new, comfortable flats for the students. Previously divided into groups, we were even allowed to attend an interesting class as observers, and were led to an Art Exhibition, “Invisible Threads: Technology and its Discontents”, displaying works of art by students.

Everything was so motivating and exciting, but what I found extremely interesting, beside the presentation and the lectures, was the main, leading idea of NYUAD: a global university, founded on intercultural dialogue, in which an integrated approach to disciplines and the collaborative contribute of students from many different cultures can produce excellent citizens of the world, fully able to move and work in the present global reality.”