by Elisa Colorio (4H scientifico)

At the end of January 2017 I went to Brighton, a fantastic city in the south coast of England. Have you ever been to England? It’s wonderful!

We were a group of 28 people and we were hosted in families in groups of two or three.

We visited a lot of monuments, buildings and historical places. For example we saw the famous Royal Pavillion and we took lots of photos outside the Pavillion, near the garden; it was really marvellous! When we went indoor it was even more interesting because we had an audio-guide in English that explained everything about the rooms and the king’s history.

We also visited the famous Brighton’s pier where we learnt a lot about the history of Brighton. The weather was cold but there were people who swam in the sea!! I couldn’t believe that.

I also liked Brighton museums and the artgallery where I learnt and discovered new traditions. We found some old costumes that we could try on and we had fun.

Our tipical day started with a sightseeing in the morning, then we could have our packed lunch or have something else to eat where we wanted.

We had school at 2.45 p.m so until that time we could go shopping. The shops were located in the centre of the town so going for a walk in the centre was quite simple. There was a big shopping centre, full of stores and restaurants and local shops. Unfortunatly the majority of the shops closed at 5 or 6 p.m. so it was difficult to find the time to do the shopping. In fact I noticed that people stopped to working earlier than in Italy. After all I appreciated that because I think it was a better way of living.

We met everyday at the clock tower. The school was quite close to the tower. The lessons were pleasant because of interesting speaking activities and also the teachers were entertaining and funny!

As far as the food was concerned,I cannot say it was delicious.English people do not love spending time on cooking. We usually had lunch out so unfortunatly we ate in fast food, but we also ate some traditional fish and chips and the typical Sunday’s roast. It was really tasty.

I learnt that English people have different traditions and i liked it. They eat earlier than Italian people and they really like tea with milk that i found very strange!

My host family was really kind,funny and I felt at home but they didn’t spend a lot of time together, for example they don’t eat with all the family and every member has dinner when and where he wants.

I felt in love whith Brighton because it has lovely houses and people have an open-minded: they have an open-minded. One day I would like to go back there and have a swim in the sea or sunbathe at the beach.

It was a fantastic experience and I improved my English. I would recommend it to everyone.