Campo lungo Intercultura



 The classes of the second year of the new Linguistic High School ” Bruno – Franchetti “, started their experiences abroad!
The two classes spent one  week, from the 4th to the 11th February in Wimbledon. We were hosted in pairs by different host families. Our group leaders were our English teachers Zennaro, Hamill and the Chinese teacher Iannarelli.
We attended the C.E.S School from Monday to Friday, we had 4 classes of English with 2 different teachers: they were very kind and helpful, we had a lot of fun during our classes!
In the afternoon we did amazing tours around Wimbledon and London, that our teachers had organized for us: before leaving we did some research on the monuments and museums that we saw.
We visited the historic tennis court where the ” Wimbledon Championship ” is hold and its museum where we learnt a lot of new things and curiosites about tennis and history!
We spent 3 afternoons and one whole day in London where we visited very important museums such as  “Tate Modern Gallery ” and “The National Gallery ” ; we walked passing through Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus ( as you can see in the photo below ), Hyde Park and Westminster. We had time also to buy some souvenirs in the most famous department store Harrods and in Oxford Street shops! We went also to the British Library, Camden Town, the Globe Theatre and St. Paul Cathedral.
That was an amazing experience to learn English, to know each other better, to have fun and to learn new things visiting new places!
The two classses, 2AL and 2BL, thank very much the teachers and the school for the opportunity they gave us.