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MOVE 5.0: Let’s change together

We are a group of Italian High School students who have been selected by Veneto Region to take part in a project called “Let’s Change Together – Move 5.0”. The contest rewarded the first 30 students, at the third year, with the highest average of the Bruno-Franchetti Institute. This project is considered as ASL and is all payed by the Region.

The planned schedule is divided into three parts: 24 hours of lessons in Mestre (Venice), 40 hours in Greenwich (London) and 16 more hours in Mestre after the homecoming; for a total of 100 hours all in English. The goal of the project is to improve our speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

During the first 24 hours in Mestre we talked about environmental issues and ways to solve them. Working on this topic we also used a lot of materials suggested by the teachers such as videos or documentaries which you can find in the “Materials” section of this site.

The second part of the project took place in London, where we spent two weeks having lessons in the morning and visiting the city in the afternoon. During the weekends we spent whole days visiting London and Cambridge. In groups of two or three we have been hosted by some families who have helped us with meals and spoke to us only in English.

The third part took place in Mestre, where we trained for most of the time for the FCE Exam, paid for by the Region, with lessons focused on specific exercises for the test.